How To Fix Account Key Code Receiving Issues In Yahoo

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Are you a yahoo user and you are getting receiving issues of key code in yahoo? If yes then donít get panic at all you can now get complete steps on how to fix Account Key code receiving issues in yahoo. Sometimes while accessing your account you request for an account key and you are not able to receive the code. At that time what you need is to simply follow the below-mentioned steps. Here in this post of write up you will get complete steps about how you can fix the account key code issue in your account.

While sending a request for Account Key code if you didnít receive it within 5 minutes, then tap on Resent SMS. In case you still don't receive the code, then apply the following:

  • You can only use mobile numbers as you will get a text messages to get a account key. If you are entering or using a landline for SMS codes then you will not receive it as key code will only be sent to mobile numbers.
  • While entering email address or mobile number always be attentive and type the correct contact as if your contact info is wrong then you will not receive the code.
  • In case you are not able to receive mails then check your device problems. Sometimes yahoo doesnít support some devices so make sure that the device and carrier is supported.
  • Make certain your alternating email address hasn't been deleted, the email isn't in your spam folder, and Yahoo isn't blocked by your ISP.

Other Account Key considerations

  • Along with this what you need is to keep one thing in mind that the verification link is no longer valid for a longer period of time. Every time when you login from a different device you need a new account key. If you put the same code after a time the code will expire and you need to request a new one.
  • If you forget your account password and are not able to remember your recovery info then you will have create a new account.
  • If you need more help for the same or you are facing issue in receiving code then you need to get connected to a reliable source via a third party tech service providing company via dialing yahoo helpline number. You will get expertise help from the tech experts over a single call.

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