Problem Syncing Hotmail Account With iPhone 6 & 7

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If you are a Hotmail user and you have just installed your Hotmail account on your brand new iPhone 6 and you are not able to get new mails and also facing issues in sending mails too. There are some syncing problems in your mail which you are facing. In order to fix these syncing problems in your hotmail account you need to read this piece of write up and get complete steps on how to fix syncing problems in iPhone 6.

Now as you know Hotmail users can enjoy their mailing experience in a better manner by simply adding their account in their iPhone devices. But sometimes while using the service you may confront some technical issues like email syncing and delivery experience via your Hotmail account to their iPhone. As you know Hotmail is officially changed to

Below given are the steps which will help you in syncing the hotmail account on your device successfully:

  • First of all add your Hotmail Account to your iPhone 6 device.
  • Now from your Home screen, go to the settings option and click on it.
  • Now click on the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars options.
  • Tap to Add Account through Microsoft Exchange.
  • After this in the Email field, you can type your entire email address.
  • Now type your Hotmail email address into the "Email" field.
  • You have added your hotmail address in this box even if it asks for your Outlook account still you have to put your hotmail account.
  • Type your Hotmail password into the "Password" field.
  • As by default settings your account will be labeled as "Outlook".
  • In case you haven't used your Hotmail account for some time and you are not able to remember your password then you can recover your password simply by visiting the website from your computer and reset your account password in minutes.
  • After this choose what you want to sync. In your Hotmail email account. You can also transport your Hotmail contacts, calendars, and reminders in to your device. In case you have a number of email accounts then setup on your iPhone 6, you can select your Hotmail inbox which you want to sync.

For getting more help regarding the syncing process you can simply dial a toll-free customer support phone number for hotmail and get relevant help from the experts in an efficient manner to fix this issue instantly.

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