How To Remove Permissions To Third-Party Apps From Yahoo Mail

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Now you can easily remove permissions to third-party apps from yahoo mail. As you know many 3rd party apps, Android Mail, iOS Mail, and Outlook, don't work with the 2-step verification process. So you need to remove these apps from your device. As security is the first priority which most of the users require at utmost level. With the help of 2-step verification process you are able get on demand passwords with the aid of Account Key enabled. But if you use these third party apps then you are not able to add an extra level of security to your account.

IF you still want to use these third party apps, and then you need to generate an app-specific password which helps you to run these apps successfully. This isn't a password for your yahoo account for your account but a generated access code which helps you to access your account from a non-Yahoo app.

Here in this piece of write up you will get to know about the complete process of how to remove permissions to third-party apps from yahoo mail in an efficient manner:

In case you lose access to your mobile device or not are able to use your account at that time you no longer can use third-party app, so don't worry. You can still keep your account safe and up-to-date by simply removing the connection with that 3rd party app. For this you need to change your password instantly.

Change your password

  • First of all you need to go to the Yahoo Account Info page.
  • If you are using a mobile web browser then click on the Menu icon Image of the mobile web version.
  • Tap on Account Security.
  • Tap on Change password.
  • Type and confirm your new password.
  • Re-enter to confirm.
  • Tap to Continue.
  • After this a confirmation appears on your screen.
  • Tap Continue to finish.

Use strong passwords to keep your account secure

  • Always keep in mind use a strong password which is a mixture of words signs and numbers.
  • Use a long eight or more character password.
  • The password should be unique.
  • Avoid sequences or frequent characters in your password.
  • Donít use same password for all your emails ids.
  • Choose different password for other sites.

In case you face any sort of difficulty in using your applying these steps or not able to remove permissions to third-party apps from yahoo mail, then you need to dial a toll-free yahoo customer support number and get solutions efficiently.

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