What are the ways to secure hacked Yahoo mail account?

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Now you can easily explore the options you can take to maintain your account. There's no enhanced way to secure or protect your yahoo account from being compromise secure your account with few additional security tips. In order to protect your account from hackers you need to keep few things in mind. Always change your password after a regular interval of time. Along with this it's good to keep your Yahoo account information private and take certain steps to prevent others from accessing your account.

These few simple Safe sign-in methods and good online habits reduce the possibility of not permitted access to your yahoo account by creating a strong password .There's no improved way to guard your account from being compromised than changing your yahoo account password regularly. While changing the password be sure to use a strong one. Your account security is very significant. You can also use these guidelines to secure your Yahoo account if you discover it's been hacked.

Some of the signs your yahoo account has been hacked

  • If you are not receiving any incoming emails.
  • Your contacts inform you that your Yahoo Mail is sending spam to them.
  • The account settings are changed without your information.
  • You see logins from sudden locations.

How to secure your account

    Regularly update your account password and recovery details.
  • Add recovery phone number to secure your account.
  • Use a password that will be hard to guess.
  • Its good to change your password immediately.
  • In case you don't have access, then you can also use the yahoo Sign-in Helper to reset your password.
  • Update and change your recovery info i.e. emails address and mobile number.
  • For adding extra security use a password, and Two-step verification to get a notification when your account is used from a new device or from an unusual device or location.

You can also review your Yahoo Mail settings and verify your account settings to see if any changes. These comprise of:

  • Filters, Vacation response and Blocked addresses
  • Signature
  • Sending name, Auto-forwarding and Reply-to address
  • Check all these settings and restore all contacts.

In case you are not able to fix the issue by your own or by these steps then it's good to contact a third party tech support providing company via yahoo customer support helpline number and get assured solutions from experts efficiently.

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